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Linda has been featured in hundreds of publications including...

""I found the support and accountability system that Linda created to be top notch. Planning my meals, journaling what I ate, weighing in and working out became relatively easy. I let go of the bad habit of trying to achieve big goals in a small amount of time and focused on accomplishing smaller goals. Today, I feel strong, healthy and on track to creating the body that I dreamed of." "

Kim Brantley, 52

""I truly appreciate that Linda understands that this over 50 body does not move like it used to. The workouts and my accountability to her have helped me lose 15 pounds so far, plus develop a workout routine that I know I will keep!""

Deb Buxton, 53

""Working with LInda, I had support and guidance every step of my journey. After a little more than three months I've lost 30 lbs. and am loving life more than ever before!""

Tammy Gill, 53

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