Firm up, lose belly fat and get energized...  After 50!

As a 59-year old woman myself, I know what you're up against.

Belly fat that won't budge.                                                                          Not so fab flab.
Non-existent motivation.


The key? Support from other like-minded women and coaching from a fitness professional (me) who gets it.

This special package, including the Belly Fat Blasting Masterclass, 30 days of Motivation AND Ageless Army Membership ensures you achieve your goals and act upon those good intentions with clear guidance and support.

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Lose Weight | Firm Up | Stay Motivated
Create Your Ageless Body 

Hi, I'm Linda!

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, four-time certified trainer, an award-winning health and fitness writer, and I hold a degree in nutrition.

More importantly, I am 58 and know firsthand about the struggles you face.

I have created an INCREDIBLE package for a limited time, including all of my resources and materials and support SPECIFICALLY designed for women over 50.

Read below for all of the juicy details of what's included ...



Enlisting with the AGELESS ARMY grants you exclusive access to an arsenal of tips, tricks, interviews, support and info to help you win the war against belly fat, flab and postmenopausal angst.

You also get: monthly challenges, weekly live Q&As, video interviews with experts and tips from other women over 50 in a Member of the Month feature!

With an incentive plan, AND a clear road map of how to use which materials and when for best results for 2018 will give you a solid plan for SUCCESS.


 In this 90-minute interactive intensive, I'll guide you through the best cardio and fitness routine for you, plus meal plans and dietary suggestions to help you achieve a flatter belly in 90 days!

JANUARY 24, 2018
9:00 am to 10:30 PST / 12:00 to 1:30 pm EST

30 Days of Motivation

Creating new, better habits doesn't happen overnight. It takes small steps done consistently over time. Each day you'll receive inspiration in bite-size tips to help you ingrain the behaviors needed to make your transformation a success -- and help you face the tough days with more enthusiasm and passion to reach your goals faster!


Ageless Army January Special Deal!! 

Available until January 23rd ONLY


Everything detailed above is all  included for JUST $19.95 a month. You can cancel at anytime - but we know those who take their health seriously really will not want to with all the fantastic resources and guidance available!


  • Ageless Army Membership (full of recipes, and workouts and guidance, with an incentive program and clearly guided road map) JUST $19.95 per month
  • PLUS FREE access to the Belly Fat Blasting Masterclass
  • PLUS FREE 30 days of motivation to get you through that all important first month to help you form the habits you need for success.

Only Available until January 23rd Midnight









Interested in JUST the masterclass intensive?

Sure! If you are not ready for the full program, you can take part in JUST the Belly Fat Blasting Masterclass next week!

Date: JANUARY 23, 2018
Time 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 PST/12:00 to 1:30

""I truly appreciate the fact that Linda understands that this over 50 body does not move like it use to! The workouts and my accountability to her have helped me lose 15 pounds so far, plus develop a workout routine that I know I will keep up with.""

Deb Buxton - Age 53

""Linda's Ageless Army program gave me the motivation I needed to lose the weight – and the determination to keep it off for good!" "

Michele Elias

"" When I turned 50 I tried to lose weight using plans that worked from my previous weight loss journey. For two years I struggled, I walked, I starved, and I cried. No matter how hard I tried, the weight wouldn't budge or would even climb higher. After I signed up for Linda's Ageless Body Plan things began to change... most importantly, I had support and guidance every step of my journey. After a little more than a month on the program I've lost 15 lbs [note: now 30] and am loving life more than ever before! " "

Tammy Gill - Age 53

"I have been a member of Linda Melone’s Ageless Army for several months now. It is extremely well structured, you get easy to follow meal plans and well explained workout challenges. What Linda’s program has that other program’s don’t have is LINDA! She is so kind and caring. Her blogs are hilarious, but also contain an important message. I would highly encourage you to join our fearless Ageless Army! "

Karen Morrison - Age 66

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